Pokemon Deckshop rules

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Pokemon Deckshop rules

Post  Darkness98 on Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:15 pm

1.The deckbuilder has there own rules, but they must follow these rules to keep there deck-shop in business.
2.If you dont need the build anymore, PM the deckbuilder AND edit your post.
3.If you want the build tested make sure to say that. They wont test it unless asked to.
4.The second most important rule, you have to request the deck in this format:
Theme:What is the theme of the deck?
Cards:What cards do you want in it and what cards do you NOT WANT in it.
Extra/side Deck:Do you need one of these or maybe both? Say so if you do.
Additional Comments:Anything you want to say to the deckbuilder?
Competive/casual:Do you want it competive? Or casual?

Thats the rules for now.


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