Yugioh Trading Forum Rules

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Yugioh Trading Forum Rules

Post  Blackwingggys on Tue Oct 19, 2010 4:45 pm

First off if you do not know how to trade please Follow these for this is how you trade cards.
1. To confirm a Trade both sides you MUST exchange address
2. Person with Less References MUST send first we enforce ref rule here.
3. To send you always ship in a toploader and to keep it safer you can add in a soft sleeve.
4. When you receive one side of the trade YOU MUSSTTT send the other end. once both sides have received the trade is done

1. No Ripping: if you are caught ripping you will be permi banned from this site and IP banned
2. You Must ship any and all cards in a toploaded
3. Ref Rule:
If you have Lower References you Must send first
The more References you have the better.
4. if you have been ripped off please Post a complant here

Trading Thread Rules
1. You must have these Things in Order]
(Rules: These Must Explain your rules and the country you live in)
(Haves: Cards that you have for trade)
(wants: Cards you want/need)

these rules will be updated with time
Goodluck to all of you and happy trading!

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