Rules of Trading.

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Rules of Trading.

Post  Darkness98 on Fri Nov 05, 2010 2:26 pm

1.NO RIPPING! This is a big rule and if you rip someone you could get banned from trading and three day ban.
2.If you dont follow these rules then your trading "shop" will be closed down.
3.Dont troll/argue if the trade doesnt happen.
4.Admins and trade mods/admins are not responsible for lost stuff in the mail. You can ask for another copy of the cards or just neg reff.
5.Lowest member between the traders who have the lowest Itrader will send first unless theres a rule in there shop saying "you come to me, you send first".
6.If you think someone is a ripper COME TO ADMINS OR TRADE ADMINS/MODS, we will tell you if he is or not.
7.If you have read these rules then put "General Trading Rules Apply" somewhere in your rules section, if you dont have it then we will have to close your shop down.
8.Dont trade untill you saw these rules.

If you have any questions on these rules feel free to ask.


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