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Trade thread

Post  KAIJEN1 on Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:01 am

here are my trade rules
1.Ref rules apply
2.Both 1st class
3.Must be mint (near mint)
4.Make A good offer
6(extra) always send in a sleeve/toploader
7. I Trade to the Uk only

My Haves

Poliwrath rare from legends awakened
Electivire FB holo
Honchkrow lv.X
Crobat rare (unleashed)
Dragonite holo (Legends awakened) (good condititon)
Dark slobro rare from Team rocket
Dark raticate (team rocket)
beldum(undaunted and powerkeepers)
Furret rare (HS)
ledian from legends awakened x2 I think
Drifloon (unleashed)
Trainer/supporter cards
Rare candy
Imposter oaks revenge (team rocket)
The boss`s Way (team rocket) X2
Energy exchange (undaunted) X2
life herb(unleashed) x2
Emcee`s Chatter (unleashed)X2
Engineer`s AJustments (reverse)
Pokemon communication(HS)
cheerleaders cheer (unleashed)
Phoebe`s stadium (power keepers)
Sleep!(teamrocket) x2

My Wants

Is on a video check it out

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